17 November 2008

14 November 2008

Blam! New Rims!

Emailing: DSC03820.JPG

12 November 2008

Red's Back

We went on a run this weekend to enjoy our car back and let me tell you what fun we had, CGlocks installed and hours of great driving pictures soon!

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06 August 2008

Pain.... Red Got Hit

So Less than 48 Hours before we were to get on the road for the Ring... I got broadsided by a truck full of dirt... More to follow..




The crazy thing is how close i was to being home.


05 August 2008

... Travel Bug

Whos Ready For it?

12 May 2008

Amalfi Coast Run

Ok, Dragon runners eat your hearts out... this weekend Amanda and I made our own run on what I would consider one of the most challenging loops that I have driven yet...

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The Amalfi Coast Run... What a day it took us over 4 hours and we have seen some amazing things and I will post pictures soon. I can tell you that its days like yesterday that make me love my MINI even more!

~ Lets Motor Italy!

05 May 2008

MV Mini Run

In the Spirit of the MOTD weekend i thought that it would be good to get out and do some driving.... and this is where i went.... Vesuvio's Peak.... Beautiful and an Awesome drive... i will post some pictures later bu i wanted to just get this up on the site... check out the map below!

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14 April 2008

Nurburgring Prep!

Red's Mean Shoes 004
Tools in hand to put things in place.

Red's Mean Shoes 008
Tires in place.

Red's Mean Shoes 009
Look at the tread.

Red's Mean Shoes 007
Wheels that are as mean as the Ring.

12 April 2008

Reassembled Elvis

Elvis Disassembled Part 4 009
Before some adjustments.

Elvis Disassembled Part 4 024

Elvis Disassembled Part 4 018
Springs up front.

Elvis Disassembled Part 4 016
All the new pieces in place.

Elvis Disassembled Part 4 034
Your favorite Cooper.

Elvis Disassembled Part 4 038
A view to the Future!

After all if the work I am proud to say that Elvis is healthy and ready to run the distance... We went out for dinner tonight and covered alot of ground and he is as fun as ever. More pictures from the road soon!

11 April 2008

Disassembled Elvis Part 3

OK so we got the parts in and here they are....

Disassembled Elvis Part 3 002
The new Exhaust and intake parts.

Disassembled Elvis Part 3 005
Suspension parts and various rubber pieces.

Disassembled Elvis Part 3 001
Old and new needles and springs for the carb.

Disassembled Elvis Part 3 008
The rear suspension complete.

Disassembled Elvis Part 3 020
The Exhaust Hung. Pure Beauty!

Elvis is a actually on the road now i have been driving him to work all the repairs are complete, i will have more pictures up loaded soon for your review!

Motor More!

30 March 2008

Disassembled Elvis Part 2

OK here are more pictures from today..... Look Ma, no suspension...
Disassembled Elvis Part 2 001
Do these Cups need to be replaced?
Disassembled Elvis Part 2 008
Disassembled Elvis Part 2 003
My Parts Pile Keeps Growing!
Disassembled Elvis Part 2 010
I hope the new kit comes with these ball joints cause these are trashed!
Disassembled Elvis Part 2 011
Springs "The new Cones"
Disassembled Elvis Part 2 013

So things are progressing i cant wait to see how it turns out but i will keep up with the play by play for you... i haven't bothered with the front cause i am going to wait on the cone compression tool... but soon my friends hopefully the new parts will come in tomorrow!

Disassembled Elvis Part 1

ok ya'll, no one has seen elvis recently so i thought that i would put his current status out there....

Disassembled Elvis 011
The Damage Done.... Broke the tabs off the manifold.
Disassembled Elvis 016
Hi there!
Disassembled Elvis 019
The Rear Suspension setup and the new spring...
Disassembled Elvis 022
Elvis on jack stands.

18 March 2008

Elvis's Sad News

So last Thursday, as i was pulling in to the Casa i caught the Catalytic converter on the 'ltrack that my gate runs on and broke all the flanges of the exaust manifold... bummer right. so later at a friends house, who has rebuilt more than a few cars talked me into driving the car the 1/4 mile to his house with out a hood or for all purposes no exhaust either, you should have seen the looks on the Italian faces around here.... my mini with no hood making LOTs of noise and his Jeep Cherokee with an 8" body lift , 38" tyres and straight pipes... traveling from my house to his, it was a sight to bee seen. We put Elvis up on jack stands and started to break things down the exhaust and manifold are off and the tyres are off and the suspension is going to be torn down tommorow.... lots of learning for me and lots of fun......

Look at all the new parts that this misfortune has brought me.... they are all in the mail right now... I cant wait to get Elvis back on his feet.

Tuning Kit - STAGE 1 - Carburettor - HALF KIT less exhaust - HS4 / HIF38
Exhaust System - Twin 2.25" Centre Exit - Sportex - Single Silencer
Competition rubber supension cone
Steering rack boot kit
Competition extended track rod end
Front Bumpstop - Poly single bolt
Rear Bumpstop - Progresive kit
Performance Handling Suspension Kits with KYB gas shock absorbers

03 March 2008

Elvis's New Friend!

Red's First Italian MINI Run 009

Well guys we met a new couple (Chris & Christina) here in the Naples area that just checked in and have been hanging out with them and Chris fell in love with the classic Mini's... on Tuesday they bought the above Mini! "He-Who-Has-Not-Been-Named", Is a 1993 BRG British Open Classic with the folding cloth roof... It is mint. So this Saturday or Sunday we are going to go for a little run! We will see how things go and try to get more people involved but we have a club now! More to follow!

~ Tim & Amanda

13 February 2008

Red's New Paint Job

What do you think? Just kidding its just the new challenge car... i think that reds next treatment will be something lik this... Mike if you are out there.... start thinking!

~ Tim

09 February 2008

Red's First Italian MINI Run!

So I have been in the mood for a good run... and today Amanda and I went on our first Run together... ok so Red took us on a run... But it was good. We did it in about 2 hours and got to see some beautiful Villages and roads. But at the end of my route we ended up on this hill top that was breathtaking. Here are some pictures and the route we took!

Red's First Italian MINI Run 009

Red's First Italian MINI Run 010

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06 February 2008

Elvis Goes to the Shop

Elvis Goes to the Shop 001

Well Guys, I hate to say it but Elvis is on his was back to this shop AGAIN! This time its the starter! the Mechanic came out to the house and checked it out and them pushed him on to the truck to take him back to the shop... the poor guy its just one thing after another... he still needs new wheels, tires and a new suspension. (sigh) this will be a premium Mini whne we bring him back!

~ Tim

27 January 2008

Together at Last!

Red & Elvis at the House 040

Well we had a little photo shoot night before last and yesterday after i washed the cars and as you can see everyone is happy to be together... pictures from more adventure coming!

~Tim & Amanda

23 January 2008


Intro To Napoli 034

Look! A new Pet! Elvis has finnaly new pictures to go along with his new throttle body and rebuild top end! He Purrs like no other now! And has the spirit of a Cooper, as one would expect!

Lets Motor Faster!

~ Tim & Amanda

17 January 2008

Driving In Italy

Junk 2008 059

So, for those of you that have never been to Napoli, let me tell you that you must forget everything that you have ever learned about driving. The streets are VERY narrow regardless of the width of the road surface. Say a highway is 2 lanes, you will see three to four lanes of traffic, motorbikes have the right of way and travel if you hit one you are at fault! the driving style is VERY aggressive but if you beat a driver to a round about or into an intersection there is no fighting, its like the first come first serve rule! The road bed is made with crushed marble, so when it gets wet or hot it gets slick! and some of the autostrata is not properly banked so some corners are more dangerous then others!

But i say all of this to say that i have never had more fun city driving and highway driving then here! Elvis is perfect for it even though his lovely suspension is shot and needs replacement! Anyone who wants to visit please do! its a hoot!

04 January 2008

Elvis At The House!

Junk 2008 059

Hey You guys check it out! Elvis out at the house in Casal! We have also have some pictures of Fireworks from new years and Naples, so click on the picture above and check out whats going on here in Italy!

Junk 2008 055

~ Tim & Amanda