18 March 2008

Elvis's Sad News

So last Thursday, as i was pulling in to the Casa i caught the Catalytic converter on the 'ltrack that my gate runs on and broke all the flanges of the exaust manifold... bummer right. so later at a friends house, who has rebuilt more than a few cars talked me into driving the car the 1/4 mile to his house with out a hood or for all purposes no exhaust either, you should have seen the looks on the Italian faces around here.... my mini with no hood making LOTs of noise and his Jeep Cherokee with an 8" body lift , 38" tyres and straight pipes... traveling from my house to his, it was a sight to bee seen. We put Elvis up on jack stands and started to break things down the exhaust and manifold are off and the tyres are off and the suspension is going to be torn down tommorow.... lots of learning for me and lots of fun......

Look at all the new parts that this misfortune has brought me.... they are all in the mail right now... I cant wait to get Elvis back on his feet.

Tuning Kit - STAGE 1 - Carburettor - HALF KIT less exhaust - HS4 / HIF38
Exhaust System - Twin 2.25" Centre Exit - Sportex - Single Silencer
Competition rubber supension cone
Steering rack boot kit
Competition extended track rod end
Front Bumpstop - Poly single bolt
Rear Bumpstop - Progresive kit
Performance Handling Suspension Kits with KYB gas shock absorbers