29 August 2009

Nurburgring Trip!

Well we are here have been fro a few days... staying at the Hotel An Der Nordschleife, you know this one...

If you ever have to stay here... Eddy will take good care of you!

I guess today is a VLN Race day untill 1800 so we have been out taking lots of pictures and video and wandering around the pits...

Tomorrow i will be renting a VW Scirocco from the www.rent-racecar.de folks 6 laps with an instructor... should be a blast! Talk to Heide if you would like to make arangments

However one hitch... No red... STILL! 3 weeks with BMW and they still havent fixed whatever the problem is... we have been reduced to renting a car... which was a Nissan Micra at first but coming out of the Swiss Alps the driverside wheels Skirt decided to attack the wheel and then hit the car behind me... so we got upgraded in Bologina to a Nissan Qashqui (Rogue fro the americans) Its a Diesel, so its peppy! but garbage... and was only able to top it out at 170kph... SLOW... my 1994 Merc is faster! anyway more soon... and pictures!

23 February 2009

Good News, Bad News!

Bad news first right? Anyway, I am selling Elvis... though I think you will agree when I am done it's for a good cause! I am selling Elvis to a couple that just moved here and want a little beater for Naples. They are taking him off my hands for a steal but i will still be able to tinker with him! The real frustration (and thanks again Steve for all your help (on CooperTune)) is that I finally have everything except the caster right on Elvis.

Now the good news. I have found an '81 1098cc to bring back. For which I am getting for an AMAZING price... (in a big radio announcer voice, " Prices so low you will lose your mind!") $700 and it runs! The hardest part will be yet another suspension rebuild, this time with cones... sorry springs guys i cant stand the fact that they fall apart every time you bring it off the ground! Its a royal blue with white wheels and white stripes and roof, a Italian interior package that is totally custom, Pictures soon! I go to get the keys today! SO look for new picts soon...


Well Elvis is gone to his new home and the new old mini is on jack stands... Angelo, his name, is a good solid car but needs a lot of love...

As you can see the body is in decent shape.
For those who have had your bonnet open before any guesses on whats missing?
Its like a fire sale, Everything had to go...
Was there ever a Mini with this badging?
The seats are awesome, comfy too, just the orange doesn't go with the red in the door cards!
Part of the reason that his name is Angelo!
The keep pile.... you don't want to see the toss pile!

More soon! But please feel free to throw input and suggestions at us!