12 April 2008

Reassembled Elvis

Elvis Disassembled Part 4 009
Before some adjustments.

Elvis Disassembled Part 4 024

Elvis Disassembled Part 4 018
Springs up front.

Elvis Disassembled Part 4 016
All the new pieces in place.

Elvis Disassembled Part 4 034
Your favorite Cooper.

Elvis Disassembled Part 4 038
A view to the Future!

After all if the work I am proud to say that Elvis is healthy and ready to run the distance... We went out for dinner tonight and covered alot of ground and he is as fun as ever. More pictures from the road soon!

11 April 2008

Disassembled Elvis Part 3

OK so we got the parts in and here they are....

Disassembled Elvis Part 3 002
The new Exhaust and intake parts.

Disassembled Elvis Part 3 005
Suspension parts and various rubber pieces.

Disassembled Elvis Part 3 001
Old and new needles and springs for the carb.

Disassembled Elvis Part 3 008
The rear suspension complete.

Disassembled Elvis Part 3 020
The Exhaust Hung. Pure Beauty!

Elvis is a actually on the road now i have been driving him to work all the repairs are complete, i will have more pictures up loaded soon for your review!

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