17 January 2008

Driving In Italy

Junk 2008 059

So, for those of you that have never been to Napoli, let me tell you that you must forget everything that you have ever learned about driving. The streets are VERY narrow regardless of the width of the road surface. Say a highway is 2 lanes, you will see three to four lanes of traffic, motorbikes have the right of way and travel if you hit one you are at fault! the driving style is VERY aggressive but if you beat a driver to a round about or into an intersection there is no fighting, its like the first come first serve rule! The road bed is made with crushed marble, so when it gets wet or hot it gets slick! and some of the autostrata is not properly banked so some corners are more dangerous then others!

But i say all of this to say that i have never had more fun city driving and highway driving then here! Elvis is perfect for it even though his lovely suspension is shot and needs replacement! Anyone who wants to visit please do! its a hoot!